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How I Style the Color Orange

I used to not like orange, but it’s quickly become my fav color to wear. I’ve heard stories of Black women being told not to wear orange because it’s too bright/doesn’t look good. Fuck that.

Here’s how I style my fits with orange:

For an orange top I chose my bud hoodie. I paired it with a pair of boyfriend jeans. For shoes, purple tentacle boots. Orange and purple are not only two of my favorite colors, but they’re also complementary.

Contrasting colors sit opposite from one another on the color wheel and balance each other out. that’s why i chose my purple tentacle boots and yellow Black Lives Matter earrings. I love wearing hats, so I added this cream color beanie to still be wearing a hat but not draw attention away from the bright orange hoodie.

Get the look:

Orange bud hoodie from Spin Sewz on Etsy

Purple Tentacle Boots from Rabbie Davis

I have one pair of orange bottoms, and I remember falling in love with this pair of joggers and wondering what am I going to wear with this?? I brought them home anyway and quickly found ways to make these work for me.

This orange is more muted, so I went for more neutral colors and focused a little more on accessories. My cropped hoodie from @strawberryinco paired with a patch-covered denim jacket is an iconic duo.

For shoes with this outfit, I love wearing my split toe shoes from ILYSM! I added a crossbody fanny pack because let’s be honest, the times of rejecting fanny packs were dark ones.

Get the look:

Hoodie: Strawberry Inc Designs

Shoes: ILYSM

Earrings: Little Lucky Shop (me!)

Cap: Little Lucky Shop

For an outfit with just a splash of orange, I opted for more grays and denim. I want the orange in the tee I made to stand out here, so I’ll wear my Deku cap backwards.

Another outfit I put together with this tee included baggy camo cargos, and a flannel I decided to knot at the bottom.

I’ve definitely been told not to wear pattern on pattern but it can work in more ways than you think. Pairing patterns of different scales and sizes let’s the smaller one act as the neutral of the outfit. That’s the deal with this almost subtle camo design on the pants I’m wearing. They’re the neutral, while the bold red flannel draws your eye to the dynamic shape the knot makes.

Get the look:

Sunflower tee: Little Lucky Shop

Deku cap: A Stitching Witch

How do you like to wear orange? Let me know in the comments or tag me on Twitter @littleluckyshop showing me your orange outfits!!!

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