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4 Reasons Your Business Needs Stickers

I feel like no matter what you sell, your business should be utilizing stickers one way or another. Stickers are timeless, easy branding tools and a cost effective way to get your brand and artwork into other peoples hands.

Easy, Cost Effective Branding

Sometimes when people think branding, they think t-shirts, decide its too expensive, and give up on looking for a great promotional product. When youre a small business owner, possibly working out of your home, you've got a tight budget. Enter: The Sticker.

If you're on the fence about deciding if stickers can work for your brand, let me tell you about Reddit. Reddit started out in an apartment in Medford, Massachusetts in 2005 and now their website - aptly nicknamed "the front page of the internet" - welcomes over 35 million unique visitors per month. Cofounder Alexis Ohanian tributes the success and existence of reddit to a marketing budget of $500, spent only on stickers.

Now, you definitely don't have to spend $500, but stickers are the most cost effective way to get your brand and artwork into your supporters' hands. Think of stickers like old school social media. Business owners have been using stickers for promotions and branding long before we were tweeting, pinning and posting.

I even have stickers that are actually business cards, complete with a QR code to my site - making my information easily accessible, and making the sticker something my supporters will use again and again.

Give Your Packaging an Upgrade

Because stickers are so cost effective, they are perfect for building a memorable brand. Use them to give your packaging an upgrade without going broke. Custom packaging can be great, but for a lot of small business owners, like me, its not feasible. Instead of breaking the bank on packaging, I decorate my "generic" packaging with stickers and rubber stamps!

Cute packaging made with a little extra love can make your brand more memorable. A simple "thank you for supporting my small business" or "open me" sticker can make you stand out to your customers.

Jumpstart your packaging upgrade with these cute thank you stickers that are fully customizable through my custom print & merch site.

Thoughtful Freebies

To tie in to building a memorable business, consider stickers in your orders as well as outside. When I think of my favorite experiences with a small business, I think of orders I've received that have a little something extra in them! If you can, adding a freebie or 2 in each order is always a great move.

A small act of giving stickers in your orders is not only exciting for your customer, but thoughtful as well! I know a lot of small business owners like to give out candy in their orders. While it is the thought that counts, imagine causing an allergic reaction when your customers receive candy in their order! If you don't offer food or drink, it doesn't really make sense to offer that as a freebie. Try offering cute random stickers, a logo sticker, or even temporary tattoos!

Cute stickers like these, or one of your logo make perfect freebies your customers will be excited to use!

Trusted Recommendations

Earlier I mentioned how stickers are basically an old school form of social media to help spread awareness. They also double as a trusted recommendation of your art or brand. When your supporters place their stickers on something they own, they are telling anyone who sees it "I love this brand/artwork!"

This leads to the most trusted form of recommendation - word of mouth. People will trust a random stranger from an online review over a paid advertisement. In the US, 86% of customers rely on word of mouth or online reviews when making a purchase. A sticker of your logo or artwork on a water bottle or laptop is a trusted word of mouth recommendation without anyone saying a word!

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed!

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